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Sukut Construction Inc.

Web Design & Development

Q: What were your main goals and objectives for the new website?
A: Our Company’s website needed a fresh, more modern, and user-friendly look. We strive to be current with the latest construction requirements and techniques, so we also wanted to be current with our website. Our goal was to better educate the public about who we are, what we do, and why we do it. The new website had to be an extension of our business and a perfect representation of our marketing image. It had to be attractive to various type of our target market: current and future customers, developers, government agencies, as well as current and future employees. It had to grab their attention and present data in a simple and friendly way.

Q: What are some things that the old site one wasn’t accomplishing anymore?
A: Our old website was a complete opposite of what we were trying to accomplish. It was very old-looking, did not have a full-screen look, had many dead-end links, was not user-friendly, and definitely did not represent who we were. It was stuck in the early 2000’s and needed a complete overhaul.

Q: Could you please give a brief review of your experience working with our team?
A: The owner, Hai, did an amazing job understanding our company’s needs, goals, culture, our clients, and our vision, in order to propose a custom-made website that fits just us, and not any other company in this industry. He provided a high level of comfort that made me trust him and his team in doing the project for us. I relied on Hai and his team a lot for ideas and graphical design. Hai kept in close connection with me throughout the whole process, and his team did an amazing job designing the site and executing the final vision based on our goals and objectives. As a result, we now have a modern website that is a perfect representation of who we are as a company. Our management and I could not have been any happier with the final product and look forward to continuing working with Hai and his talented team. Here is the final product:
Yevgenya Koch
Sukut Construction.

Project case study review by Yevgenya Koch with Sukut construction Inc